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The Same Treasonous Deep State that Destroyed Nixon Seeks to Destroy Trump (Pat Buchanan)



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Nixon and Trump, Then and Now
By Patrick J. Buchanan
May 8, 2017

For two years, this writer has been consumed by two subjects.

First, the presidency of Richard Nixon, in whose White House I served from its first day to its last, covered in my new book, Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.

The second has been the astonishing campaign of Donald Trump and his first 100-plus days as president.

In many ways, the two men could not have been more different.

Trump is a showman, a performer, a real estate deal-maker, born to wealth, who revels in the material blessings his success has brought.
Nixon, born to poverty, was studious, reserved, steeped in history, consumed with politics and policy, and among the most prepared men ever to assume the presidency.

Yet the “mess” Trump inherited bears striking similarities to Nixon’s world in 1969.

Both took office in a nation deeply divided.

Nixon was elected in a year marked by the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy, race riots in 100 cities, and street battles between cops and radicals at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

By the fall of 1969, Nixon had buses surrounding his White House and U.S. Airborne troops in the basement of his Executive Office Building.
Trump’s campaign and presidency have also been marked by huge and hostile demonstrations.

Both men had their elections challenged by the toxic charge that they colluded with foreign powers to influence the outcome.

Nixon’s aides were accused of conspiring with Saigon to torpedo Lyndon Johnson’s Paris peace talks. Trump aides were charged with collusion with Vladimir Putin’s Russia to disseminate stolen emails of the Democratic National Committee. The U.S. establishment, no stranger to the big lie, could not and cannot accept that the nation preferred these outsiders.

Nixon took office with 525,000 troops tied down in Vietnam. Trump inherited Afghanistan, the longest war in U.S. history, and wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen.

Nixon pledged to end the Vietnam War with honor and begin an era of negotiations — and did. Trump promised to keep us out of new Mideast wars and to reach an accommodation with Russia.

Nixon and Trump both committed to remake the Supreme Court. Having pledged to select a Southerner, Nixon saw two of them, Judges Clement Haynsworth and Harrold Carswell, savaged by the Senate.

While Nixon was the first president since Zachary Taylor to take office without his party’s having won either house of Congress, Trump took office with his party in control of both. Thus, Trump’s nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, made it.

Probably no two presidents have ever faced such hostility and hatred from the media. After his 1969 “Silent Majority” speech on Vietnam was trashed, Nixon declared war, authorizing an attack on the three networks by Vice President Spiro Agnew.

Trump has not stopped bashing the media since he came down the escalator at Trump Tower to declare his candidacy.

In Trump’s first major victory on Capitol Hill, the House voted narrowly to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. Only with a tiebreaking vote by Agnew in August 1969 did Nixon win his first big victory — Senate approval of a strategic missile defense.

Though Nixon had backed every civil rights law of the 1950s and ’60s, he was charged with pursuing a racist “Southern strategy” to capture the South from Dixiecrats, whose ilk had ruled it for a century.

Trump was also slandered for running a “racist” campaign.

Trump and Nixon were supported by the same loyalists — “forgotten Americans,” “Middle Americans,” “blue-collar Democrats” — and opposed and detested by the same enemy, a political-media-intellectual-cultural establishment. And this establishment is as determined to break and bring down Trump as it was to break and bring down Nixon.

Yet though Trump and Nixon ran up similar Electoral College victories, Nixon at the end of 1969 was at 68 percent approval and only 19 percent disapproval. Trump, a third of the way through his first year, is underwater in Gallup.

[America was about 85 percent white then. Today, it is about 65 percent white. And the Treason Lobby has continually extended its power since then. For example, circa 1969, my big sister’s social studies teacher in Long Beach, New York, was fired for being an open communist. Today, communist school teachers receive awards.]

Nixon’s achievements in his first term were extraordinary.

He went to Beijing and opened up Mao Zedong’s China to the world, negotiated with Moscow the greatest arms limitation agreement since the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922, and withdrew all U.S. forces from South Vietnam.

He desegregated the South, ended the draft, gave the vote to all 18-year-olds, indexed Social Security against inflation, created the Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, named four justices to the Supreme Court, presided over six moon landings, declared a “war on cancer,” proposed a guaranteed annual income, created revenue sharing with the states, took America off the gold standard, and let the dollar float.

He then won a 49-state landslide in 1972, creating a “New Majority,” and setting the stage for Republican control of the presidency for 16 of the next 20 years.

But in June 1972, a bungled bugging at the DNC, which Nixon briefly sought to contain and then discussed as the White House tapes were rolling, gave his enemies the sword they needed to run him through.

The same deep state enemies await a similar opening to do to Trump what they did to Nixon. Rely upon it.

Are You “Woke”?

By Nicholas Stix

The True Purpose of the Term ‘Woke’
It enforces political correctness.
By Scott Beauchamp
May 16, 2017
The American Conservative

The online Catholic Encyclopedia has a predictably extensivedefinition of Gnosticism. What comes as a surprise, however, is how closely its sweeping definition also describes the animating logic of so much online progressivism—contemporary, identity-based, for the young. The first sentence alone could be a bumper sticker on the car of some hypothetical millennial, assuming he or she was one of theshrinking number of young people who actually drive: “The doctrine of salvation by knowledge.” The Encyclopedia goes on to define with a barely perceptible disapproval:

it is markedly peculiar to Gnosticism that it places the salvation of the soul merely in the possession of a quasi-intuitive knowledge of the mysteries of the universe and of magic formulae indicative of that knowledge. Gnostics were “people who knew”, and their knowledge at once constituted them a superior class of beings, whose present and future status was essentially different from that of those who, for whatever reason, did not know.

That encapsulates the logos of millennial progressivism in our time. Analytical argument is out. Overly simple in/out group bifurcation is in. Andrew Sullivan captures this in writing about what social justice theory calls “intersectionality”—the barely coherent claim that people’s identities are almost entirely formed by an overlapping hierarchy of social oppressions. He considers it akin to religion and emphasizes its particularly odious us/them oversimplifications: “If you happen to see the world in a different way, if you’re a liberal or libertarian or even, gasp, a conservative, if you believe that a university is a place where any idea, however loathsome, can be debated and refuted, you are not just wrong, you are immoral.” Ah, but those who “know” are truly blessed. And in the clownish vulgate of online progressive culture, forged in the inchoate fires of a shrill Gnosticism, we can identify members of the flock by the slang term “woke.”

What does it mean to be woke? That it’s conventionally the past tense of “wake” is a clue. Someone who has been woken is finished with sleep. In millennial political slang, it means someone who has awoken to the progressive truths of intersectionality. Amanda Hess, writing in the New York Times,explains: “Think of ‘woke’ as the inverse of ‘politically correct.’ If ‘P.C.’ is a taunt from the right, a way of calling out hypersensitivity in political discourse, then ‘woke’ is a back-pat from the left, a way of affirming the sensitive. It means wanting to be considered correct, and wanting everyone to know just how correct you are.”

[Then “woke” is not the inverse of “politically correct,” but a synonym of it. Thirty years ago, “politically correct,” or “correct,” for short, was a compliment among Marxists. Once neocons learn of, and began mocking it beginning circa 1989, Marcists needed to come up with new euphemisms.]

This new adjective woke is a stamp of approval, a self-congratulating label, a goal, a challenge. Most importantly, it’s a boundary line separating people. The word is a floating signifier serving as a PC litmus test while concealing the often shifting requirements to pass.

It also has a history deeper than the typical superannuated focus of internet subcultures.Writing in Fusion, Charles Pulliam-Moore traces the origins of the word’s use in pop culture to Erykah Badu’s 2008 song “Master Teacher,” with a roughly similar meaning to its current use—staying aware of the continuing political struggles of African-Americans. After a brief hibernation, the word experienced a popular resurgence around 2012 following the shooting death of Trayvon Martin and the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement. Even then, the word was tethered tightly to a fairly coherent group of political objectives centered on police reform and an acknowledgement of systemic racial oppression. But around 2014, writes Pulliam-Moore, the word got hashtagged and memed. Even if you disagreed with the politics behind the original usage, the word was then at least bound to subjects which required serious moral consideration. By 2014 it was used to describe almost anything. Your “inner hoe.”Justin Bieber. The Footlocker website. Matt McGorry.

After woke drifted into the miasma of what Rod Dreher calls “Weimar America,” a funny thing happened to it. It was simultaneously diluted of specific meaning while maintaining a kind of informal authority by virtue of its association with African-American culture. The linguist and professor John McWhorterexplains:
Even if on a certain level we think of black casual speech as riddled with “errors”—though, we shouldn’t—on another level we hear it as truth. The white pop singer who wants to become famous must enunciate with a Southern black cadence to some extent. Have you noticed how many voiceover artists for faceless institutions, like banks and medicines, are now black ones?

[First of all, black American speech is of course riddled with errors. Second, we don’t hear any “truth” in black slang. We hear the voice of crime, of racism, of stupidity, of lies.]

McWhorter frames this as a victory for African-American culture [no; it’s affirmative action.]. As he puts it, “Black Language Matters.” [No, it doesn’t.] But the more broad association between the pop-rebellion of hip progressive culture and its appropriation of African-American slang isn’t a new one. Norman Mailer wrote about it in his 1957 article for Dissent,“The White Negro,” a garrulous rant that was more an incandescent exhibition of linguistic heat than intellectual clarity. Nevertheless, while drawing his broad-stroke sketch of why mid-century hipsters came to appropriate elements of African-American culture, he had more than a few useful insights about the “language of Hip” giving “expression to abstract states of feeling which all could share, at least all who were Hip.”

Mailer notes the variety possible within a closed solipsistic loop when he writes about how the semantics of African-American vernacular are so fungible that a word such as “dig” could have countless meanings but could be interpreted only by someone who was on the same cultural page as the speaker. The word could be literally referring to any number of things, but the final question it posed was always: Are you hip? Are you like me? Language like this isn’t meant to be precise or to persuade. It is meant to draw an us/them binary and judge experience from within experience, or based on “what one feels at each instant in the perpetual climax of the present,” according to Mailer.

[Translation: Such language creates a friend/enemy relationship.]

Thus woke is more than a throwaway word. It’s a slang term working as a cultural clue. It signals that cultural progressivism is a secular spirituality in want of a coherent theology. In the catechism of this ersatz religion, woke is a kind of creed. It epitomizes the decay of deep engagement with cultural and moral issues into a cheap buzzword which mutes debate and confounds discourse. “Are you woke?” is a question meant to be answered with a simple yes or no, but the correct answer is always yes.

[The foregoing was a solid, pander-free paragraph.]

To not be woke is to be regressive, straining against the current of moral history. As the goalposts constantly move on what might constitute political and social wokeness, it’s helpful to keep in mind the late Italian philosopher Augusto Del Noce’s description of modern progressive secular ideology as “the idea that man is capable of self-redemption, i.e., of achieving salvation through action” and the belief that “the advent of perfection on earth will be achieved as the outcome of human initiative.” Anything standing in the way of this terrestrial utopia tethers us to the “nightmare” of tradition, the “hell” of rooted memory. Or, as Marx pithily put it, “Everything that exists deserves to die.”

[“The idea that man is capable of self-redemption, i.e., of achieving salvation through action.” That ship has sailed. Any idea of “redemption” or “salvation” is long forgotten. The nihilism in Marx’ phrase, however, remains. I guess Marxism was always nihilistic.]

The immense weight of all of these progressive assumptions is carried by the single diminutive syllable of “woke.” As Andrew Sullivan suggests in his take on intersectionality and the attack on Charles Murray at Middlebury College, radical ideology trends toward stifling debate, usually on dubious “moral” claims. And despite all the parallels with gnosticism, this is where the metaphor ends. Ultimately, the progressive goal becomes not truth but power.

Scott Beauchamp is a veteran and writer based in Portland, Maine.

Mike Kuetes says:
May 16, 2017 at 11:43 p.m.

It seems odd to accuse liberals of smug self-elevation when the right is so widely enamored of the term “libtard”.

I notice there is no such corresponding term on the left to dismiss the right as innately mentally deficient. Similarly, the common comment-section claim that “liberalism is a mental illness” or “liberalism is a disease”, usually in just those words, is abundant internet-wide, yet no such explicit fundamental accusation about conservatism is anywhere near as widely seen.

It seems to me that you’re complaining about the speck in your neighbor’s eye while ignoring the plank in your own.

May 17, 2017 at 7:08 p.m.

[The censor—Scott Beauchamp?—permitted this comment to be posted.]

Mike Kuetes says:

“I notice there is no such corresponding term on the left to dismiss the right as innately mentally deficient.”


May 17, 2017 at 7:27 p.m.

[The censor also permitted this comment to be posted.]

The writer seemed to have something to say at the beginning and the end, but engaged in a 200-word-long exercise in pc triangulation, regarding Trayvon Martin, Black Lives Matter, African-American culture and John McWhorter. The resulting copy is a bloody mess.

Jacqueline Luqman says:
May 18, 2017 at 10:29 a.m.

Maybe – just maybe – most of us who have been using the term long before it became a popular buzzword actually mean it as it is used:
To be and remain aware of the truth that many refuse to see, acknowledge, and take the time to understand.

Yes, it is a little annoying that it is over-used and turned into almost a popular marketing tool now. That doesn’t negate what it does, and has always, meant to many who have been fighting injustice – especially racial injustice – in America for generations.

The same way you don’t want your views dismissed with a word, we are tired of having ours dismissed with the idea that just because it doesn’t happen to you, and you don’t understand it, that you don’t believe it, so it has no relevance at all.

[The censor sat on the following comment for three or four days, before sending it down the memory hole.]

N.S.: Those of us who dismiss the assertions of those who claim to be fighting “racial injustice” do not do so because “it doesn’t happen to you, and you don’t understand it.” Racial injustice is inflicted upon us every day, and we understand it perfectly well. The Left is not fighting any “racial injustice.” Rather, it is imposing its own lies and evil. Any decent, honest person of any race is bound to dismiss such a movement, just as one would dismiss Nazism, Communism, and Islam.

“People Could Go to Jail”: Three Obama Moles on White House Staff Caught Making Illegal Leaks

By Nicholas Stix

At Gateway Pundit.

Monday, May 22, 2017

When UT Denied This Valedictorian, She Got It to Change Admissions Rules |

By A Texas Reader


Too bad she's not a Latina.

Guess the Race and the Sex: Sentence for Murder… Five Years Probation

By Nicholas Stix

At Countenance.

The Racist Left Has Made Racism Respectable Again

By An Old Friend

Racism: The Last Refuge of Us All?
by David Cole
May 18, 2017

We’ve all heard Samuel Johnson’s famous adage about patriotism being the last refuge of a scoundrel, but I’ve always believed it’s racism that’s the last refuge of a scoundrel. Race is what you cling to when you have no meaningful achievements of your own to display. It’s a safe space for the unaccomplished. That’s why there’s been such an explosion of racism on the left, especially among some of its less successful demographic groups. When you have nothing to offer, or when you just don’t want to make the effort to be successful or productive, well…at least you have your skin. And the left has proved to be expert at making everything about skin. With so many layabouts, welfare cases, entitlement whores, and blame shifters among the masses, leftist intellectuals in politics, the media, and academia gain lots of traction by continually reassuring certain constituencies, “Hey, man, your skin color makes you special! Your skin color makes you deserving!”…

Bombs! 20 Dead, 100s Wounded in Terrorist Attack in Manchester, England at Ariana Grande Concert



By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Monday, May 22, 2017 at 7:58:00 P.M. EDT

May 22, 2017 6:35 P.M.

NBC Summarizes:


— NBC Nightly News (@NBCNightlyNews) May 22, 2017

Update 4: Sky News reports another bomb located at Manchester's Victoria Metro Station - emergency units rushing. Bomb disposal units have arrived at the 'active crime scene' at Manchester Arena.

Manchester's Victoria station, which backs onto the arena, has been evacuated and all trains cancelled. National Rail said in an online statement: "Emergency services are dealing with an incident at Manchester Arena. As Manchester Victoria is located near the arena, the station has been evacuated and all lines closed.

"Trains are currently unable to run to / from Manchester Victoria. Some trains will be cancelled throughout or start / terminate at alternative stations. Disruption is expected to continue until end of the day."

British Transport Police confirmed the blast came from "within the foyer area of the stadium at 10.30pm this evening".

GRA: This had less coverage on NNN than the white on black murder. Amazing.

Parisiennes are Prisoners in the Neighborhood They’ve Lived Their Entire Lives in, Which Muslims Have Turned into a No-Go District



Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Parisian Women Face Constant Harassment by Migrants
By Chris Tomlinson
21 May 2017

Women in the east Paris district of Chapelle-Pajol are claiming that they cannot leave their homes without being subjected to verbal abuse from migrants in the area.

Over the past year or so the district has become a no-go area for women as migrants and drug dealers have flooded the area. Dozens of these groups of young men crowd the streets, harassing women who walk by wearing what they consider to be immodest clothing Le Parisien reports.

The situation for women has gotten so bad in the area that many women are effectively banned from cafes and bars. 50-year-old Natalie, who has been a resident of the area for 30 years said, “these are insults, incessant reflections. The atmosphere is agonising, to the point of having to modify our itinerary, our clothes. Some even gave up going out.”
An 80-year-old female resident is said to have totally stopped leaving her apartment after being sexually assaulted as she was returning home one day.

AurĂ©lie, 38, who has lived in the area for 15 years said that the cafe below her apartment has turned into an exclusively male establishment. “I have to listen to a lot of remarks when I pass in front, especially since they drink a lot,” she said.

[There is no limit to Moslem hypocrisy. The Moslem men surely call the Frenchwomen “whores.” Meanwhile, the Moslem men treat all women like dirt, though in different ways, and outside of Moslem countries, accept no standards of conduct. When I lived in West Germany, most of the Moslem men not only obsessively chased Western girls, but were lushes, to boot. Feminists have somehow failed to catch on to Islam's misogyny. Then again, there is also no limit to feminists' hypocrisy. If only they cared about women.]

“A few days ago, the simply standing by my window triggered a flood of insults and I had to lock myself in my apartment. I used to walk down the Boulevard de la Chapelle from Stalingrad [metro station], even late at night … It’s unthinkable today,” she added.

The Stalingrad metro was the former location of a large makeshift migrant camp in Paris which was cleared and relocated to Porte de la Chapelle. Earlier this month Breitbart London visited the camp and talked to the migrants there. All blamed Europe for their situation and demanded handouts from the French government.

Another woman said she would not allow her 12-year-old daughter to walk the streets of the area alone anymore. She said that after getting off at the Chapelle metro station she ended up in the middle of a brawl of migrants who pulled knives out and threatened her with them. “I thought my last hour had arrived,” she said.

Due to mass migration, the situation in various parts of Paris has rapidly deteriorated over the last few years. Various suburbs of Paris, such as Seine-Saint-Denis, have become breeding grounds for radical Islam according to France’s top expert on the subject, Gilles Kepel.

The women of Chapelle-Pajol have said they will organise a walk around the area with female city officials in order to bring attention to the problem and perhaps find a solution.

So far newly elected French president Emmanuel Macron has not addressed the issue of safety in the French capital, using his first weeks as president to court the approval of German Chancellor Angela Merkel instead.

Follow Chris Tomlinson on Twitter at @TomlinsonCJ or email at

3 Hours in St. Louis, 4 Murders in Separate Shootings, 5 Others Wounded

By Nicholas Stix

Note the lack of cooperation with the police. Meanwhile, everything’s the fault of “white supremacy.”

As a black supremacist on the payroll at Toys ‘R Us said to a fellow BS in my presence in 1997 or ’98, “They makin’ us kill each other.”

I didn't call him a worker, because he didn't do any work, though he did cause trouble.

At the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

That’s a Lot of Bull! Bull Thinks He’s in Tiananmen Square and Takes a Stand Against Human Drivers, Killing 1, and Wounding 7 (Weird News)

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

In case you’re wondering whether the bull’s owner could be legally liable for the havoc the beast wrought, I don’t know, but it’s a very interesting question.

At press time, no pictures were available of the vic or the perp.

1 killed, 7 hurt after vehicle hits bull on Kansas highway
by Ryan Newton
May 22, 2017 at 7:21 am CDT

DODGE CITY, Kan. (AP) - The Kansas Highway Patrol says one person was killed and seven others were injured in a two-vehicle crash caused by a bull standing in the highway.

The patrol says 66-year-old Alma Bencomo, of Dodge City, died after her vehicle hit the bull Saturday on U.S. 400 about 26 miles (40 kilometers) east of Dodge City. The collision forced Bencomo's vehicle across the center line, where it hit a vehicle driven by 41-year-old by Phouthavone Tony Thirakul of Wichita.

Five people in Bencomo's vehicle were injured. Thirakul and a passenger in his car also were injured. A 7-year-old girl in Bencomo's car was flown to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. The others were treated at a Dodge City hospital.

Everything You Need to Know about Feminist Gamergate Hustler Anita Sarkeesian, in Six Seconds (Video)

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9 Wounded in Mass Shooting During Gathering in North Philly that was Live on Facebook

By Reader-Researcher RC


Sunday Multicultural Weekly Wrap-Up

By Nicholas Stix

At Countenance, natch.

A Cracker Allegedly Stabs a Negro to Death, and It's Called “Murder”; A Negro Stabs a Cracker to Death, and It's Labeled a “Stabbing”; Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat

Police identify University of Maryland student charged with murdering Bowie State student

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WJLA) - Police have charged a University of Maryland student with murder after a Bowie State University student was stabbed to death on the UMD campus Saturday. University of Maryland Police have charged Sean Christopher Urbanski, 22, of

Fatal stabbing at Texas campus: What we know

One person died and three others were injured in a stabbing attack Monday at The University of Texas in Austin, according to campus police and Austin authorities.

PGCE-P: A cracker allegedly stabs a Negro to death, and it's called "murder."

A Negro stabs a cracker to death, and it's labeled a "stabbing."

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?


Murder suspect Sean Christopher Urbanski

At Least 3 Toddlers were Killed in Detroit between Wednesday and Friday… but It’s All the Fault of White Supremacy!

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

“The 10-month-old is at least the third toddler to die from their injuries or be shot in Detroit in the three days from Wednesday through Friday.”

Violence hits Detroit infant, toddlers in 3 days

“A 10-month-old is the second toddler to die of their injuries in Detroit in a three-day period; another toddler was shot…”

PGCE-P: Notwithstanding the violence endemic to the 'hood, Negroes continue to blame "white supremacy" for everything that ails them.

New Orleans started removing Confederacy statues on ...

“On the same day that some southern states were honoring their rebel heritage, masked workers in New Orleans dismantled a monument to that past — chunk by chunk ...”

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Another White Supremacist Monument Comes Down. At Least 700 More To Go.



By Prince George's County Ex-Pat

Another White Supremacist Monument Comes Down. At Least 700 More To Go.

The statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee that has towered over New Orleans’ busy Lee Circle for 133 years was taken down amid cheers Friday.

Bollards and Diversity: Municipalities All Must Now Pay Billions of Dollars for Additional Pedestrian Security Against Terrorist Attacks by “Unarmed” Drivers



By Reader-Researcher RC

"Those bollards were designed and manufactured by Calpipe Security Bollards based in Compton. They were installed in late 2016. “Vehicles are weapons of mass destruction no matter what the motive was,”said pedestrian safety expert Rob Reiter."

At CBS L.A..

R.C.: Compton?

Is that appropriate or what?

Calpipe Security Bollards

"Calpipe Security Bollards offers the most complete line of high security, access control, and decorative bollards in the industry. Calpipe Security Bollards is a ..."

Tomorrow (Sunday) Morning Sterling Hayden + Barbara Stanwyck + Film Noir: Crime of Passion, on TCM’s Film Noir Series at 10 a.m.; Don’t Miss It!

By David in TN
Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 9:27:00 A.M. EDT

TCM's Film Noir for Sunday, May 21, is Crime of Passion (1957). Barbara Stanwyck plays an advice to the lovelorn columnist in San Francisco who helps crack a murder case. She then falls in love with Los Angeles detective Sterling Hayden.

They marry after a quick romance. She finds suburban married life boring, and pressures her husband to climb the promotional ladder more quickly. Her scheming to advance this ends in murder.

Also starring Raymond Burr (just before he became Perry Mason) and Fay Wray. One of Stanwyck's femme fatale roles.

Back in 1957, this was part of a double feature.

What Do Feminists Want? Everything!

By Nicholas Stix

PBS interview of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“People ask me sometimes, when – when do you think it will be enough? When will there be enough women on the court? And my answer is when there are nine.”

Austrian Town Refuses to Accept Refugees after 15-Year-Old Girl “Brutally Raped”

By Reader-Researcher RC

Town in Austria refuses to accept refugees after 15-year-old girl “brutally raped”

The mayor of Tulln in Lower Austria has announced the town will stop accepting refugees and asylum seekers. The ban comes after a sexual assault on a teenage girl, allegedly carried out by refugees.

“Mexican Time,” and Other Lessons Learned Working in a Diverse Warehouse in Dallas

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

I thank the old friend who sent me this article.



Posted on May 14, 2017

Dances with Mexicans

By Yaroslav Lavrentievich Padvolotskiy
May 14, 2017
American Renaissance

What I learned as a warehouse worker.

I graduated from a Texas university in August 2015, hoping for a job teaching in a public school. I quickly found out that in Texas when a school says it wants a social studies or history teacher, it actually wants a football coach. It was going to be a long, tough road to a teaching job, so I looked for a bridge job, and found work in the warehouse of a company that sold auto parts.

The warehouse manager, Dave, was white and was nearing retirement after working there for 20 or 30 years. He started me at $12.50 an hour, but said, “Don’t tell the other employees that you’re making $12.50 because most of them start at nine or ten dollars per hour.” The other employees were mainly Mexican with a few blacks sprinkled in, and if they found out I was getting a higher wage, they would certainly cry racism.

The warehouse was a great education for me. I learned more about race working at the warehouse than I would have learned reading books for 10 years. Even a stint in the diverse United States Navy did not prepare me for what I experienced. While our military may be filled with non-whites who are not qualified to serve and are semi-literate nuisances, they generally mean well. At the warehouse, however, I met every type of personality from the Mexican and black inner-city.

At first I noticed small things, such as the unwillingness of the blacks and Mexicans to pay attention to detail. My job was to check orders to make sure they were accurately pulled—that the right parts went to the right customers. The pullers were mostly Mexicans, and they routinely made mistakes. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, but Mexicans could never admit they made one. Whenever one would pull an incorrect number of parts or the wrong part, or no parts at all, I would spend five minutes trying to explain the mistake so they could go pull the order correctly. By the end of my time at the warehouse, I started getting the parts myself; it was quicker and less aggravating.

Mexicans did not care about company property. They routinely drove forklifts into walls and into the metal racks holding auto parts. This happened at least once a month, and it was always the same people, yet they continued to operate the forklifts.

Whenever we had our 15-minute breaks (30 minutes in Mexican time), I noticed that Mexicans sometimes sat on breakable parts, such as gaskets. Explaining to one of them that you should treat something with respect even if it didn’t belong to you was like talking to a brick wall. Their attitude was that it wasn’t theirs so why should they care if they break it. If something breaks, oh well, the white people in charge have a lot of money and can fix it.

Maybe they were just too high to operate forklifts or care about breaking things. My colleagues routinely did drugs, mostly marijuana. One employee who smoked dope regularly was fired when he failed a urine test. The other browns and blacks were outraged and could not comprehend this. I tried to explain that there are consequences when you violate company policy. The other employees blew me off. This incident taught me that many people don’t understand—or don’t care—that breaking rules can have negative consequences.

Their attitude towards drugs is not surprising given their attitude towards laws in general. I remember listening to a group talk about doing something illegal—probably buying drugs—and I said it was a bad idea because it was against the law. One of them, a white woman dating a black man, replied with a giggle, “Oh, you’re one of those law abiding motherfu**ers. You wouldn’t last in the hood.” No doubt she was right. I wouldn’t last, and many whites in Baltimore, Chicago, and Detroit in 1968 also realized she was right.

Mexicans and blacks are loud and obnoxious at work. Whites talked to each another at a reasonable volume, but blacks and browns practically screamed at each other. Their favorite subject was sports. Mexicans and blacks knew more about sports than they did about their own communities. None of them knew who the mayor of Dallas was, but they certainly knew the entire roster of the Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Mavericks, and the Texas Rangers. Almost none followed the Dallas Stars, because ice hockey is a sport for rich white people.

The happiness of the workplace depended entirely on the outcome of a sports match. When the Texas Rangers lost in the playoffs to the Toronto Blue Jays, work almost stopped. How anyone could get that worked up over such a meaningless event was a mystery to me. Even when I played hockey in college I never got that mad over a loss; no one was going to die because I failed to close a passing lane or rode the bench. When you have an IQ somewhere between 80 and 90, sports may be one of the few things you understand.

Maybe they were obsessed with sports because every black or Mexican worker could have been a professional athlete. Listening to them talk about their glory days was like watching 12 different Dennis Hoppers in Hoosiers. The loudest and most obnoxious was Jorge. Jorge could have been a great soccer player and a golden glove boxer if not for the fate written in his stars. Why he always focused on what could have been is beyond me; however, it’s probably true that sports were his only ticket out of Dallas, because like most Mexicans he lacked education. Maybe Jorge was right. Maybe he could have been a professional athlete, but like most of the other workers at the warehouse, he chose to drop out of high school and get someone pregnant, which most likely ended his chance. It all comes back to choices and consequences: They do not understand that choices have consequences.

While they talked about their past championships, they were not exactly eating like champions: chips, soda, McDonald’s, and other junk food. Judging from their diets it was no wonder none of them wound up playing professionally. They loved fast food. Where they got the money for this, I don’t know. I bought lunch maybe once or twice a week and brought a sack lunch on other days. They ate extravagantly, which no doubt helps explain why non-whites are generally unhealthy.

Every black and Mexican at the warehouse claimed to know more about American history than whites. One day, Jorge informed me that millions of Mexicans were living in the Southwest before white people showed up. Dallas, Los Angeles, and Houston, along with the entire infrastructure of the Southwest, were built by Mexicans in the 17th century. We took it from them in the 19th century. When I tried to explain that the Southwest before the Mexican-American War was virtually uninhabited, Jorge replied, “That’s white people history.”

Every non-white employee was a conspiracy theorist, and they loved to theorize about Donald Trump and how he acquired his wealth. They were convinced he got rich through corruption. “How is he corrupt?” I would ask. “He just is. He’s rich. He’s white,” they would reply. I really can’t blame them for thinking this way; they were all from Mexico or inner-city Dallas, where government corruption is common. To them it was hard to imagine that people could get rich through hard work and persistence.

How did whites fare at the warehouse? I noticed on my first day that only whites and well assimilated Mexicans worked in the front offices, while blacks, Mexicans, and the occasional poor white man or woman worked in the warehouse. The warehouse workers resented this, and took their resentment out on whites who worked in the warehouse.

One man who bore the brunt of attacks was a mentally disabled white man in his fifties named Jerry. Jorge and Demetrius—Demetrius was black—were the two worst bullies. The rest of us would lose our tempers occasionally with Jerry because he was always making mistakes, but Jorge and Demetrius ragged him mercilessly. Jorge told us in Jerry’s presence that he once saw Jerry naked in the bathroom with an erection. Even Jerry had enough sense not to do such a thing, but Jorge loved to have fun at Jerry’s expense. Demetrius was just as bad, calling Jerry a dumbass, idiot, retard, faggot, and other colorful terms whenever he pulled an order incorrectly.

At times I became a target of abuse. After a little reflection I realized why they insulted whites and why we tolerated it; they have nothing to lose. If I had punched out one of my non-white colleagues I would have been fired and I might have gone to jail for assault. Any chance I had of becoming a teacher would be ruined. So, like whites everywhere forced to live or work with blacks, I grinned and bore it. The blacks and browns I worked with had been fired and gone to prison—sometimes several times. If it happened again they wouldn’t care. But they know we care and are afraid to retaliate, so they attack us.

Soon I was desperately seeking a new job—anywhere. I started looking abroad, and within two months found a job working at an English-as-a-second-language school in Kiev where my girlfriend—now my wife—was living. My students are white, my colleagues are white, and my neighbors are white. I can talk openly about my experiences in multicultural America. People here generally have an honest understanding of race and its relevance.

But for how much longer? It is alarming that young people, especially teenage girls, are being infected by the cultural disease that is killing Europe and America. They listen to American pop and rap music and almost all of them—male and female—mimic American fashion fads. A few even date outside their race—Turkish men being the most common non-white choice. If America is able to influence what they listen to, how they dress, and even their dating habits, it could influence how they think politically. I fear for the future of this country when they are old enough to hold public office.

I am still hoping for a teaching job in America, but it won’t be in Dallas or any other big city. I would rather spend my life working on someone’s ranch mending barbed wire fences than working in Third-World Dallas.

David “I never did like the son-of-a-bitch” Gergen on President Trump’s Status

By Nicholas Stix

This was on Anderson Cooper’s show from Friday night, which is currently being re-run on the Communist News Network:

“We still need to give him his good day in court…. We’re in impeachment territory.”

Friday, May 19, 2017

Turkish Passenger on American Airlines Flight Subdued after Trying to Breach Cockpit

By Reader-Researcher RC

Turkish Passenger On American Airlines Flight Subdued After Trying To Breach Cockpit

An American Airlines crew and off-duty Honolulu police officer subdued a man Friday on board a Honolulu-bound flight after he tried to break into the cockpit, ABC and local news report. The flight, which took off from Los Angeles, landed safely about 11:35 a.m. with a military escort. Bloomberg adds that a laptop computer was placed near the cockpit door.

Huma Abedin Files for Divorce from Anthony Weiner

By Nicholas Stix

Overheard from a random passerby in the Stix household: “Who she gonna marry now—Hillary Clinton?”

Cincinnati Mayor Names a Day for a Cop-Killer


War crime victim Sonny Kim 

By Reader-Researcher A.L.

It was a mistake? I doubt it.

Mouton, at Free Republic:

“‘Both staff members who reviewed the proclamation were not in my office nor worked for the city of Cincinnati when Officer Kim was murdered’

“He should have said both staffers were no longer working in his office.”

N.S.: The shameless father of the cop-killer, who was the one to submit his son’s name for commemoration, reportedly said that he hoped that the proclamation in his son’s name would not be retracted. It was, thank goodness, by a weeping, apologetic mayor. I could do without the crying, but the apology was a good thing.

It seems like every day, I come across yet another story about an outrageous black parent, though the MSM never criticize said black parents for their despicable acts.

Postscript, 11:03 p.m.: Increasingly, we see the shameless black "parents" of black cut-throats who died committing murder or attempted murder, forming "foundations" in the names of their late "children." You know what the purpose of such foundations is? To enrich the unfit parents, who didn't care about their kids when the latter were alive. And here Fox is enriching one such unfit parent!

Mayor's office mistakenly honors Cincinnati cop killer
Thursday, May 18th 2017, 7:07 p.m. EDT
Friday, May 19th 2017, 2:39 p.m. EDT
By FOX19 Digital Media Staff
By Jennifer Baker, Digital Content Producer

Mayor John Cranley is apologizing to police leaders after his office mistakenly named a day for the man who killed Cincinnati police officer Sonny Kim.

A staffer on Thursday approved a proclamation declaring June 1 as “Tre Day” in honor of Trepierre Hummons.

Hummons gunned down Kim, a veteran CPD officer, on a Madisonville street in June 2015.

Hummons’ father, Ronald, submitted the proclamation request and posted images of the certificate on Facebook Thursday.

The certificate is stamped with Cranley’s signature and claims in-part that Trepierre’s “sacrifice will save the lives of children for generations to come.”

A tearful Cranley apologized Thursday night in a press conference at the police union hall.

He called the situation "a huge mistake."

"Both staff members who reviewed the proclamation were not in my office nor worked for the city of Cincinnati when Officer Kim was murdered," Cranley wrote in an apology letter to FOP President Dan Hils.

"They were both unaware that TrePierre was the man who murdered Sonny Kim."

Cranley, who was visibly emotional, said he never reviewed the proclamation.

"I am sorry that my office, that we mistakenly issued a proclamation on behalf of a man that killed, murdered Sonny Kim," he said tearfully.

The proclamation references fighting child abuse and impacting mental illness. Ronald Hummons runs a campaign to raise awareness and funds for undiagnosed mental illness in his son's name.

[N.S.: Fox had the nerve to link to a cop-killer foundation!]

"It wasn't anything specific about this person's background, and I was not aware, and it's my fault, and I'm sorry," Holly Stutz Smith said.

The mayor sent an official retraction to Hummons' father and called Kim's wife, Jessica, to apologize.

"I've walked with him. I've rode with them. I would never do anything to hurt," Cranley said.

Cincinnati Police Specialist Tom Sandmann, who Trepierre Hummons shot at when he responded to Officer Kim's shooting before he even got out
of his police SUV, said he spoke with the mayor Thursday, and Cranley apologized to him as well.

Specialist Sandmann returned fire in self-defense and shot and killed Hummons after Hummons shot Officer Kim.

The police union leader said Thursday he believes this opens up a lot of wounds across the police force, but he's hopeful in this case, history won't repeat itself.

"I don't blame John Cranley personally. I do fault something with the operations in the mayor's office," he said.
Cranley vowed it wouldn't happen again.

Linda Pope, the wife of Officer Daniel Pope, who was fatally shot by a wanted suspect in the line of duty on Dec. 5 1997 along with Specialist Ron Jeter, is the keynote speaker at Friday's annual Police Memorial Week ceremony and march Downtown.

She released a statement to FOX19 NOW late Thursday, saying she understands mistakes happen.

"Well they certainly seem distraught by this. An error was made. People are human and it seems legit to me their sincerity," she wrote.

"As long as Jessica Kim has been apologized to and the proclamation has been rescinded, I am OK with the mistake. No one needs to lose their job in my opinion. Total human error. I hope they are more careful in the future before they make such proclamations. I am happy they contacted Dan Hill as quickly as they did."

Hummons killed Officer Kim, a veteran officer, on the rainy morning of June 19, 2015.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters has described the the shooting as an "evil ambush."

"His goal was to lure and kill as many police officers as he could," Deters told reporters in a December 2015 press conference when he released police cruiser video of the shooting. "His intention was mass murder."

Hummons called 911 on himself twice in a plan for ‘suicide by cop.’ He reported an armed man acting belligerently at Whetsel Avenue and Roe Street.

When Officer Kim responded to the scene, Hummons began firing at the 27-year veteran of the department.

Both were rushed to University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where they died.

Hummons, who was connected to the neighborhood Clutch Gang, sent text messages and posted to Facebook indicating he planned suicide by cop.

War criminal Trepierre Hummons

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Why Should Poland Cease Being Polish? Poland Refuses to Take Muslim/3rd-World Refugees

By Reader-Researcher RC


An Open Letter to President Trump

By Nicholas Stix

Mercurial, GOP consultant Ed Rollins got a sinecure with some Republican PAC, which got a hold of the eddress of an old friend of mine. The PAC sent a fundraising letter to my friend, with the subject line, “Can I give the President your name?” He responded as follows.

Sure, Ed.

And here's what you need to tell him on my behalf:

1. Stop being such a scatterbrain, like a cat chasing a laser spot.

2. Remember why you ran and why many of us supported you.

More specifically:

3. Cancel The Big Chimp's DACA amnesty NOW, as you promised to do while campaigning. (Disabuse yourself of the notion that these "young" "geniuses" are anything other than illegal-alien freeloaders.)

4. Shut down "refugee" admissions NOW. (The quotation marks are needed -- an enormous fraction of these "refugee" cases is fraudulent.)

5. Put your weight and your attention behind the Cotton-Perdue RAISE Act NOW.

6. Start the move of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem NOW.

7. Don't be an idiot -- avoid the ridiculous tar baby known as the "peace process." Let the Palestinian ragheads fry in their own fat.

8. Get Jared Kushner and his wife out of the White House NOW.

9. Read every day.

Thanks, Ed.

Matt Drudge on Leaks

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

"We never got 1 damaging leak out of Obama White House staff in 8 yrs. Under Trump, they appear hourly. BIG DANGER: Small leaks sink ships!!"

"Trump advisers leaking to media are now deliberately sabotaging presidency. Major house cleaning needed for survival. Leaks on hour, every hour, will destroy Trump presidency. There's a Trojan horse plotting within the inner circle!"

– Matt Drudge via Twitter

Auto Attack in Times Square Leaves 1 Dead, and 13 Wounded

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 1:43:00 P.M. EDT

It's almost comparable to a Mel Brooks movie as FOX News NOW says, "It was not an elderly man, but a 26-year-old named Richard Rojas--who was robbing a bank and trying to escape."

A new category for fact giving has been created:

Slapstick news.

By the way, if you can believe this latest version of the story--Rojas has a couple priors...or not.

“Obstruction of Justice!” Shout the Seditious Conspirators

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 6:45:00 P.M. EDT


Lesta Holt could barely contain himself by declaring, “Donald Trump asked James Comey not to investigate the Michael Flynn case. This appears to many, to be obstruction of justice.

Then Hallie Jackson ripped Trump on the Russian story.

Then Kristin Welker tried to get Republicans like Corker and McConnell to throw Trump under the bus.

was the caption, as Welker sounded like a prosecutor making a closing argument.

Andrea Mitchell finished up by saying, “foreign countries can't trust the President,” and “Trump has a short attention span.”

You think it can’t get any worse for Trump—and then today appears. It got worse.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 6:58:00 P.M. EDT
Also on CNN:

“Obstruction of Justice!” Toobin Blasts Trump Over Report He Asked Comey to Stop Flynn Investigation
By Justin Baragona
6:18 p.m., May 16th, 2017

It was reported this afternoon by the New York Times that recently fired FBI Director James Comey had been asked by President Donald Trump to end the investigation into ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. The news comes out as there are concerns that the president fired Comey due to the Trump/Russia investigation, something Trump seemed to admit to during his interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt.

Following this breaking news, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin claimed that this pretty much shows that Trump is obstructing justice, something that has been brought up more and more when it comes to the Comey firing.

“Three words — obstruction of justice,” Toobin noted. “Telling the FBI director to close down an investigation of your senior campaign adviser for his activities during your campaign for president, if that’s true, that is obstruction of justice.”

Toobin went on, “Why do you think Director Comey wrote a memo to the file about it? Because he was so appalled that a President of the United States would behave in this way.”

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 11:41:00 PM EDT

After watching much of the coverage tonight, the one point I thought was valid was this: If Comey thought, in February, that this Trump conversation was illegal: a) He was obligated to bring notice of such illegalities to the DOJ; and b) If he didn't notify the DOJ, he must have thought this was NOT illegal.

And here we are with WAPO and the NY Times, the Negro Nightly News and CNN conducting impeachment trials all evening.

Ridiculous reaction by the crazed media. But what else would you expect these days? I expect to see an image of a rope behind Lesta Holt as he reads tomorrows tripe.

A Thin-Skinned Trump vs. the Thin-Skinned Deep State

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 5:41:00 P.M. EDT

It's difficult to know what Trump is up against with this bloated government, a government that has become a shell of what it was 30 years ago (as far as leading the country in the right direction goes), and which was THEN a shell of itself from 30 years before that.

It's also difficult to know how sincere Trump was during his campaign and how strongly he felt about the various issues—like the wall, deportation, etc.

We've all heard about the Deep State, and how entrenched it has become, and now we've seen the temper tantrums it is capable of when someone tries to change the entrenched policies. Leaks of all kinds—fake leaks, real leaks—all to take power away from DJ Trump. When guys like McCain come out to criticize every single Trump decision, you know he's part of the corrosion being poured into this administration. Throw in the FBI, CIA, Congress and media—and you see how daunting a job this is.

Trump, being a guy who likes compliments, has got to be tougher and not worry about the press or Democrats reacting to his policy decisions.

A big F—k You to all of them.

One Night in Detroit: 7 Shot, with 1 Killed

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

7 Shot, 1 Killed Overnight in Six Instances in Detroit

Seven people were shot overnight in Detroit in separate instances and one of them, a 33-year-old man, was killed, police said. Three of the shootings took place on the east side, and two of the shootings, one of...

PGCE-P: Motown (a/k/a Mow-down).

Party of Cowards: GOP Congressman Scramble to the Front of the Pack Calling for President Trump’s Impeachment: ‘I was a traitor first!’ ‘No, I was before you!’


Rep. Carlos Curbelo (Treason-FL), L, and Rep. Justin Amash (Treason-MI) 

At Breitbart.

Comes a (Surprising) Hero: Dennis Kucinich: The Deep State is Trying to Take Down the President—It Needs to Stop (Video)

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix


Tip ‘o the hate to The Last Refuge, which has a whole lot more.

If Bernie Sanders had any integrity, he would have taken the same stand months earlier.

Slavery, Racism, and Media Fraud in America: Eudocia Tomas Pulido and Alex Tizon


Above and below: Filipino-American slave Eudocia Tomas Pulido, at two different stages of her life. She never spent a single day in her adult life free, neither in the Philippines, nor in America.



Racist, Filipino-American “journalist” Alex Tizon—the face of the slaveocracy in America

Remember All the Media Outrage about Brandon B. Howell, the Black Guy Charged with Having Slaughtered 5 Elderly Whites in Three Houses with a Shotgun and His Bare Hands in a Matter of Minutes? You Know, the Guy Who Had Beaten the Rap for Murdering a Loving, Young White Couple a Few Years Earlier? Yeah, Me, Neither


War crime victims Nicholas Travis, 19, of Lenexa, KS, and Tabitha Brewer, 16, of Shawnee, KS, circa 1998. They were last seen alive that year in the company of Brandon B. Howell. Travis’ corpse was eventually found buried on property owned by Howell’s father, for whom Travis worked. Brewer’s corpse has never been found.

War crime victims George, 80, and Ann Taylor, 86; both were murdered on September 2, 2014

War crime victims Alice Lorene Hurst, 88, far left; her son, Darrel, 63, center; and Susan Choucroun, 69; all were slaughtered on September 2, 2014

[Previously, on this racist monster, at WEJB/NSU:

“Racist Mass Murder in Kansas City, MO: Black Crime Machine Brandon B. Howell, 34, Who was Acquitted of 1998 Double Murder, Now Suspected of Shooting Three Elderly Whites (Two Women) to Death, and Beating a Married Couple So Severely that They are Clinging to Life”;

“Unarmed Black Man Beats White Couple to Death with His Bare Hands; He Has Now Murdered at Least Seven”;

“Media Mystery: KCMO Man Suspected of at Least Seven Murders, but the National Media Have No Interest in the Story”; and

“Black Serial Killer List (Updated).”]

By Nicholas Stix

Over 60 years after the fact, the MSM and the antiversity are still relentlessly lecturing whites about Emmett Till, the aspiring rapist, who was tragically prevented from carrying on the family franchise of raping and murdering da white wimmins, like his late, lamented father, Louis.

Meanwhile, the same perps relentlessly “disappear” racist, black cut-throats and their white victims.
Since 2014, they have been covering up the seven known white victims of Brandon B. Howell. As a reader pointed out in 2014, there could be many more.

I have no doubt that Howell murdered Nicholas Travis, 19, and Tabitha Brewer, 16, though he somehow beat the rap in court. God only knows how he made them suffer. His motive in Brewer’s case was supposedly the $40,000 insurance settlement she’d been rewarded for a traffic accident. However, as a minor, she didn’t have access to the money. Howell had no conventional “motive” in the other six known murders, and probably didn’t need any material motive—his overarching motive was probably racist, sadistic delight.

The criminal justice authorities keep on pushing Howell’s trial for his last five known white victims back, though I have seen no reason justifying the delays. He had already been in custody for 26 months when he got a delay of an additional 16 months. What’s next—his lawyers claiming that he should be released and the charges dropped, due to the state violating his constitutional right to a speedy trial?

Howell’s defense attorneys are likely seeking to run out the clock, and in the meantime, away from the glare of publicity, play the “crazy card,” and get him put in a psycho ward for a few years, at which point he will be freed to resume his career. His MSM accomplices are eager to help.

By the way: If you hadn’t seen a mug shot of Howell when he was arrested in September 2014, you would still have been able to guess his race, via what the Countenance Blogmeister calls a “Wicked Racial Profiling Trick” (WRPT): His family said they thought he’d turned his life around.

Jerry from PDX
Thursday, September 11, 2014 at 2:52:00 A.M. EDT

Here is an updated list of the last seven serial killers caught in the US:

Brandon Hurst (black man)
Anthony Sowell (black man)
Michael Madison (black man)
James Brown (black man)
Samuel Little (black man)
Franc Cano (Asian man)
Stephen Dean Gordon (white man)

Only one whitey in the bunch, so much for the white male serial killer profile.

Interesting that a white serial killer has been featured on the headlines of many major media outlets. His name is Rodney Halbower and he has been in prison for 30 years. Police found some evidence linking him to some murders back in the 70's. Now that's all very fine to solve those old murders, but why is a white serial killer from 30 years ago getting more media coverage than a current black serial killer? Particularly a racially motivated one? For that matter Brian Ferry is getting more attention for some wimpy comments about race than a racist serial killing/mass murdering black man.

The trial of Brandon Howell, accused of killing five people in south Kansas City in 2014, has been delayed until March 2018 (Jackson County Detention Center)

November 18, 2016 3:46 P.M.

Trial delayed in south Kansas City rampage that left five dead in 2014
By Tony Rizzo
The Kansas City Star (

The man charged with killing five people in south Kansas City in 2014 on Friday was granted a delay of his trial until early 2018.

The trial for Brandon Howell, 36, had been scheduled for September 2017.

But on Friday, a Jackson County judge granted a defense request for the delay until March 2018.

Howell is charged with five counts of first-degree murder in the Sept. 2, 2014, shotgun slayings of Susan Choucroun, 69; Lorene Hurst, 88; and her son Darrel Hurst, 63; and the beating deaths of George Taylor, 80; and Anna Taylor, 86.

He also faces charges of burglary, illegal possession of weapons, vehicle theft and four counts of armed criminal action.

Jackson County prosecutors have said they are seeking a death sentence for Howell.

According to court records, Howell allegedly burglarized the Taylor home at 1 E. Woodbridge Lane. A woman inside the residence dialed 911.

Arriving officers first found Choucroun dead in her driveway next door to the Taylor home. Officers found the Taylors critically injured inside the basement of their home. They died later at a hospital.

Officers then found the bodies of the Hursts in the front yard of Lorene Hurst’s home at 7 E. Woodbridge. She and her son may have just returned from grocery shopping.

Witnesses told police that after hearing several gunshots, they saw the Taylors’ Toyota Highlander speed down the street. One witness said the driver stopped in front of Choucroun’s house, got out and shot Choucroun before getting back in the vehicle and driving away.

Howell was arrested later that night as he walked along Interstate 29 in Kansas City, North, with a shotgun in his right pant leg. He had two spent shells in a pocket along with the keys to the Highlander, officers said.

Tony Rizzo: 816-234-4435, @trizzkc

Suspected war criminal Brandon B. Howell, 34, is believed to have murdered all of the above whites in 1998 and on September 2, 2014, respectively. Look at how proud he is.

In a World Exclusive, Ann Coulter Exposes the Source of that Trump Leak on ISIS!



Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Every Time I Try to be Mad at Trump, the Media Pull Me Back
By Ann Coulter
May 17, 2017

Every time I try to be mad at Trump, the media reel me back in by launching some ridiculous, unprovoked attack. This time, it's the fake news story about Trump "leaking" classified information to the Russkies.

The president can't "leak" classified information: It's his to declassify.

The big secret Trump allegedly revealed is that Muslims might try to blow up a plane with laptops. I already knew that. I read it in The New York Times.

The New York Times, March 22, 2017:

Devices Banned on Some Planes Over ISIS Fears

"Intelligence showing that the Islamic State is developing a bomb hidden in portable electronics spurred the United States and Britain on Tuesday to bar passengers from airports in a total of 10 Muslim-majority countries from carrying laptop computers ... two senior American counterterrorism officials said. ..."

This totally secret, Deep Throat-level information has been widely published in thousands of news outlets throughout the civilized world. There was yet another round of stories last week with the update that the U.S. is considering a laptop ban on flights from Europe as well.

Hey, you know what might make more sense than banning laptops? How about banning Muslims?

Bear with me here, I'm still working out the details, but I'm almost certain a federal judge in Hawaii can't block a president's temporary ban on Muslim immigration just because he's testy with Trump over some campaign statements.

As Northwestern law professor Eugene Kontorovich explained in The Washington Post, courts have never examined a politician's campaign statements for improper motive, because 1) campaigns are not part of the deliberative process; and 2) to start doing so would open the door to "examinations of the entire lives of political officials whose motives may be relevant to legal questions."

Nonetheless, Kontorovich says, that is the legal argument being advanced against Trump's travel ban: "Trump is a bigot, and thus his winning presidential campaign in fact impeaches him from exercising key constitutional and statutory powers, such as administering the immigration laws."

To preserve their judicial coup, this Monday, the 9th Circuit sent out the geriatric ward to hear an appeal of the Hawaii judge's absurd ruling. At their ages, there's a good chance the judges will be dead by the time the Supreme Court overturns them.

Arguing against Trump's exercise of his constitutional and statutory powers was first-generation American, Neal Katyal. (There are plenty of 10th-generation America-haters. You couldn't get one of them to argue that we should end our country through mass immigration?)

At oral argument before the three wheezing gargoyles, Katyal announced that, before enforcing federal immigration laws passed by generations of Democrats and Republicans working together in Congress, the president of the United States is required to profess: "Islam is peace."

There's a new legal principle!

Asked by one of the crypt-keepers if Trump is the only president who would be prohibited from issuing this precise travel ban because of his statements about Muslims, the smarmy, preening, pretentious Katyal answered: "I think the most important point is, if you don't say all these things, you never wind up with an executive order like this."

As lawyers say: Nonresponsive!

But as long as we're operating under these new rules for determining a U.S. president's rights and responsibilities, how about looking at everything Trump has said about Muslims?

For example, may the courts consider this quote from September 2015?

Trump: "I love the Muslims. I think they are great people. ... Would I consider putting a Muslim-American in my Cabinet? Oh, absolutely. No problem with that."

Lawyers like Katyal aren't telling the courts what Trump said; they're telling courts their own crazy interpretations of what Trump said. No liberal is capable of accurately reporting Trump's position because the left never understood his position in the first place. As Peter Thiel said, the media take Trump literally, but not seriously, while the people take him seriously, but not literally.

After the San Bernardino terrorist attacks in December 2015, Trump made the perfectly reasonable suggestion that we curtail our breakneck importation of Muslims, some of whom periodically erupt in murderous violence. The media concluded: TRUMP HATES MUSLIMS! Nothing Trump or anyone else said could persuade them otherwise.

Here's what Trump actually said:

"What's happened is, we're out of control. We have no idea who's coming into our country. We have no idea if they love us or if they hate us. ... I have friends that are Muslims. They are great people. But they know we have a problem. They know we have a real problem. 'Cause something is going on. And we can't put up with it, folks. ...

"Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. ... Where the hatred comes from and why -- we'll have to determine, we're going to have to figure it out. We have to figure it out. We can't live like this. It's going to get worse and worse. You're going to have more World Trade Centers. ..."

Throughout the campaign, Trump supporters tried in vain to explain the so-called "Muslim ban" to a hostile media dead set on interpreting everything out of Trump's mouth in the ugliest possible way. For example, our general policy on Muslim immigration would be "No, thanks!" but there would be exceptions. So Charles Krauthammer can stop worrying about King Abdullah of Jordan.

In March, Trump supporter Andy Dean told a dense CNN anchor:

"He's talking about the culture of Islam in the Middle East. ... We love Muslims in America and they love us. Why? We have a great culture that respects women's rights. ... The thing about Muslims in the Middle East is they don't respect women's rights. If a woman wants to get a divorce in the Middle East, that woman could be killed. If you want to leave the religion of Islam in the Middle East, you can be killed. It's very real."

To the same blockhead anchor, Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany had to fill in an edited quote the network had just shown of Trump:

"It's important to know what happened 15 seconds later. Anderson Cooper said to him, 'Are you speaking of radical Islam or are you speaking of Islam?' He said radical; sometimes it's hard to tell the difference, though. So he did say radical Islam. He said it repeatedly during his campaign. He said, 'I have Muslim friends. I love the Muslim people.' ..."

One of Trump's vast number of African-American supporters told HLN's Drew Pinksy:

"I love what (Trump) is doing with the Muslims getting out of the country, because if they really knew what that was about -- if they knew that that was about freedom. It was about freedom versus enslavement."

He's right. It's not about religion. It's not about nationality. It's about hitting the pause button on bringing in radical Islam's dysfunctional, misogynist, violent, exploding-airplane culture.

The voters understood Trump. (At least some of us did -- barely enough of us to elect him president!) Liberals didn't. But now the courts are blocking Trump's exercise of presidential powers based on the left's own idiotic misinterpretations of what he said.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Patient and Impatient Responses to Trump’s First 16 Weeks in Office

[Re: “‘I think everyone who voted for him [Trump] knew his personality was grotesque, it was the issues’; Read This Amazing, Brilliant, Ann Coulter Interview on President Trump.’”]

By Anonymous Reader I
Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 10:06:00 A.M. EDT

"So there’s no wall, and Obama’s amnesties look like they are here to stay. Do you still trust Trump?"

As if the whole world can be stopped and changed overnight.

Going to take a while [maybe years] to build that wall. But can be done. And that is part of a much greater whole. Who ever said this was going to easy?

By Anonymous Reader II
Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 2:53:00 P.M. EDT

We are not getting what we voted for. Trump promised to throw out DACA on the first day—now it looks like he never will.

He said we should have a ban on Muslim immigration but he doesn't even have the nerve to uphold the temporary ban on immigrants from just six Muslim countries—he could have told the judges that they have no authority to stop him as the law gives him the power to do what he did—and then order the state department to stop letting them in.

He said the refugees would have to go back—they are still coming in. He promised to withdraw from the Paris climate scam—it hasn't happened and T-rex signed an agreement that mankind is causing global warming.

Worse, he put Ivanka—an avowed warmist—in charge of determining what should be done.

Trump has filled positions with people who openly were against his stated positions—including a couple from Goldman Sachs.

He backed a healthcare bill which is still government-controlled healthcare, and which will NOT lower the cost of insurance.

The only really positive thing is the appointment of Jeff Sessions. Otherwise we are getting the same kind of establishment appointments we would have gotten from JEB! He should have refused to sign any budget which did not include a funding mechanism for the wall.

No, I'm not tired of winning—I haven't seen any so far.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! In Georgia, Don’t Mess with Folks’ Hot Pockets!


Victim Rodney Benton

By Reader-Researcher A.L.

YEP. He snapped. Out of stock, and EBT no good. So the man snapped. A quarter, a cig, a parking spot, the glance, the look, the stare, the perceived look, glance or stare. Bang, bang, shoot em’ up, someone day-ed.

Very typical. Whitey man, him do it too, I suppose. Couldn't be anything else.

At Breitbart.


Hungry murderer, Nathaniel Mathis

A Precise List of the Only Four Types of Acts by President Donald J. Trump that are the Basis of the Movement to Have Him Removed from Office for Obstruction of Justice, Misprision, Emoluments, and Sundry Other High Crimes and Misdemeanors

By Nicholas Stix

1. Anything the President does;
2. Anything the President doesn’t do;
3. Anything the President says; and
4. Anything the President doesn’t say.

Video: Secrets of Grand Central Station

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

All huge, old railroad stations are full of “secrets”—now inaccessible areas that once served vital purposes. The most obvious case is bathrooms. If you use the same station for many years, you see bathrooms that come and go. The same station may have dozens of scattered, walled-off bathrooms no longer in use. Add to them old supply areas, walkways, even dormant subway lines, etc.

[Update (3:38 p.m.: I apologize to anyone who came here earlier, and couldn’t get the video to work. Although one could see the video URL at Inside Edition, the right-click function didn’t work. So, I tried copying down the URL, which had 100 or so characters and spaces, but when I posted it, it didn’t work. I corrected one spacing mistake, but still no go. Too many opportunities for mistakes, I guess. Finally, I was able to hunt it down at YouTube.]