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Good Anti-Semitism vs. Bad Anti-Semitism: Why It’s O.K. for the Democrat National Committee to Have a Genocidal Anti-Semite as Its Chairman

By Nicholas Stix

Many wealthy Jews seem to have a death wish. Why else would they support flooding the country with hundreds of millions of Third-World anti-Semites, including Moslems?! Or is it that they engage in class war with working and middle-class Jews and white gentiles, using blacks, Hispanics, etc., as their goons? Are these even mutually incompatible possibilities?

As for the notion that rich Jews hate gentiles, well maybe, but they have many hatreds. As do we all.

At Ex-Army Libertarian Nationalist.

Remember This Early Election Call?

See This Intimate Pic of a Rugless John Wayne Decorating the Family Christmas Tree

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

I just happened to be listening to John Williams’ beautiful score to Wayne’s Western classic, The Cowboys (1972), when this picture popped up on my Twit timeline.

What a towering performance Wayne gave in that picture. He should have been up for Best Actor.

Just imagine trying to make The Cowboys today. Who could possibly star in it? No one alive today could fill John Wayne’s boots. Why, it would be like making a remake of True Grit!

That Auto Insurance Commercial, Like You've Never Seen It!

By Nicholas Stix

You have to click on the pix, to get the joke.

We Must Always Focus on Ancient White Racism, Except When We Focus on Non-Existent, Contemporary White Racism!

By Nicholas Stix

During the mid-1990s, as blacks committed daily racist outrages by the thousands, Ted Koppel focused on a white race riot in Tulsa over 70 years in the past, on his show, Nightline.

I never saw Koppel devote any shows to black racism. When he did shows on race in the present, it was always to promote race hoaxes, like the show he devoted in 1999 to “racial profiling” and the NYPD, starring hoaxer (i.e., fake news reporter) Kevin Newman.

At Countenance.

Fake News at CBS News: Media Giant Posts Fake Tweet about Michael Slager Trial, then Posts Correction, then Sends Both Tweets Down the Memory Hole!

By Nicholas Stix

Late Friday afternoon, CBS News posted the following tweet, which I re-posted at this blog.

JUST IN: Judge in the trial of Michael Slager, officer who shot and killed Walter Scott, asks for undecided juror to be replaced.

— CBS Evening News (@CBSEveningNews) December 2, 2016
The CBS Evening News tweet did not link to any story.

I then came across one or two stories elsewhere about a juror who “refused to deliberate.”

In the meantime, I found stories at CNN and NBC News, reporting that there was no “undecided” juror. Rather, there was a white man juror who was the lone refusenik who voted to acquit Michael Slager, and who told his colleagues that he was not going to change his mind, even after the judge ordered the jury to continue deliberating, I believe, three separate times.

In that context, “refuses to deliberate” would be a case of someone lying about the white man juror, and defining anyone in his way as “refusing to deliberate,” in an effort to get that juror thrown off the jury, in order to guarantee the railroading of Michael Slager.

Granted, I’m using my b.s. detector to decide between mutually incompatible stories, many of which keep disappearing!

Sometime tonight, between 12:30 and 1:00 a.m., I found a “correction” tweet on CBS News’ Twitter feed. The correction stated that it had not been [black] Judge Clifton Newman who had had an issue with the white man juror, and the juror had not been tossed. Rather, it was the [black] foreman, who had asked Judge Newman to toss the lone, white holdout.

Well, minutes after I found the correction it, too, disappeared into the ether. I tried in vain, to find it on CBS News’ Twitter feed, but Black Rock’s censor had sent it, too, down the memory hole.
Finally, I found the feed of T.J. Holmes, a black ABC News reporter:

I have frequently written of how the system of affirmative action/“diversity”/Jim Snow causes cascading failures.

A racist black man gets appointed, via affirmative action, or chosen by the local DPUSA machine to be a judge. There goes your court system. The John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” and his henchmen declare war on white policemen, and dedicated public servants like Michael Slager find themselves in cuffs and shackles, based on radical new interpretations of the law.

A racist black judge names a racist black man, the only black on a 12-man jury, jury foreman, and the latter seeks to rig a murder trial, by asking his “brother,” the judge, to toss the one dissenting juror off the panel, so as to complete the racist farce.

The trial should have been declared a mistrial, but “the jury” (i.e., the racist, black foreman) has repeatedly fought the idea.

The jury will return on Monday at 9 a.m., to deliberate, so that the foreman can continue trying to intimidate, with the help of the other jurors, the holdout into submitting.

The trial appears to be rife with grounds for reversal, in the event of a conviction, but given that it is the current year, one cannot assume that any of those grounds will carry the day.

Michael Slager needs a mistrial.

Where Have All the Pushers Gone?

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A Merry Christmas Video Wish from Filipino President Duterte

Barack Obama's Love Affair with America: Ben Garrison Political Cartoon

Breaking News: Deadlocked Michael Slager Show Trial: Racist Black Judge Clifton Newman Tosses White Juror

The Clintonstein Monster Seeks to Disenfranchise Trump Voters, and Steal the Election: A Modern Politico-Horror Thriller

By Grand Rapids Anonymous


Trump's attorneys had filed an objection to Jill Stein's recount petition with the election commission of Michigan. Per the Michigan Secretary of State, those objections have just been rejected and a recount has now been cleared to begin early next week, barring any new legal actions over the weekend.

Stein lives to fight another day.

* * *
Jill Stein's hopes of completing hand recounts in WI, MI, and PA are fading fast. After a PA judge dismissed the recount petitions of several precincts in Montgomery County yesterday, today we find that the Michigan Attorney General, Bill Schuette, has filed a suit in Michigan to block her recount efforts there as well.

Bill Schuette, a Republican, said in a statement that recounting all of the state's votes in the Nov. 8 presidential election "threatens to silence all Michigan votes for President," and criticized Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein for what he called an "inexcusable" request.

Among other things, Schuette points out that with just around 1% of the vote in Michigan, Stein doesn't qualify as an "aggrieved" candidate, and is therefore not entitled to a recount. Meanwhile, he also notes that a hand recount would cost Michigan taxpayers millions, and put "voters at risk of being disenfranchised in the Electoral College."

As I've been noting, the goal is to drag this out and eliminate Trump's electoral votes. Nothing CLINTONSTEIN.

Breaking News: Jury in Michael Slager Show Trial is Deadlocked! (Walter Scott)



By Nicholas Stix

We don’t know what the numbers are, but I’m sure of at least one juror voting to convict—the foreman, who just so happens to be the only black juror. (That was black Judge Clifton Newman’s decision.)

CNN personality Brooke Baldwin maintained of Walter Scott, “He was pulled over only for a broken tail light,” as if Officer Slager had improperly stopped Scott. This is Baldwin’s way to insinuate that the stop was a bad stop, that Officer Slager was racially profiling Scott, and that the policeman had bad intent, if not premeditation to murder Scott, when he pulled him over.

This is really pathetic. (I’m tempted to say, even by CNN’s low standards, but that would too charitable. With CNN, there is no bottom.) Brooke Baldwin is trying to convict Michael Slager in the court of public opinion, whatever may happen in criminal court.

More poison: Baldwin cited the testimony of a female crime scene investigator, who allegedly claimed that Slager had made contradictory statements about what happened between him and Walter Scott. However, Baldwin (or her scriptwriter) lied by omission, in not mentioning that Judge Newman permitted all police colleagues hostile to the defense to testify about their opinions, while barring almost all testimony by police personnel that might help the defense.

One possible explanation for the deadlock is is that sympathetic white jurors refuse to be party to a judicial lynching. Another possible explanation is that the jury is deadlocked over conflicting or ambiguous interpretations of the distinction between “murder” and “manslaughter.”

Judge Newman has ordered the jury to continue deliberations, until it arrives at a conviction, er, verdict.

Today’s Tolerant Teacher! (Graphic)

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Freedom of the Press Does Not Mean that Elected Leaders Have No Freedom of Speech

Breaking News: DA: Black Policeman Brentley Vinson Acted Lawfully, in Shooting Black Criminal Keith Lamont Scott Dead


Policeman Brentley Vinson

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

If Officer Vinson were white, he'd already be under indictment by now, and Charlotte-Meck officials would be busy scheduling his show trial. But he had the good fortune to be born black.


Would-be Cop-Killer, or Suicide-by-Cop Death Keith Lamont Scott

Scott was the man whose racist, lying family, smelling ghetto lottery, had asserted had only had a cane and a book in his hands, rather than a gun.

Give Me Tears: Enjoy This Brief Video of Grieving Communists

Wheel of Misfortune (Political Cartoon)

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Michael Slager Show Trial is Effectively Over: Racist Black Judge Has Handcuffed the Defense

By Nicholas Stix

There is only one black on the 12-man jury trying the Michael Slager-Walter Scott murder case, and yet black judge Clifton Newman appointed him jury foreman. And while Michael Slager’s defense team built their defense around showing, through expert witnesses, that:

1. Scott had cocaine in his system;
2. That cocaine can make one aggressive, and that that contributed to Scott’s repeated assaults of Officer Michael Slager;
3. That although Scott earned $50,000 per year from his job, he was not making any child support payments, thereby implying that Scott, an apparent lifelong cokehead, who was bounced out of the Coast Guard for it, was blowing all his money on blow; and
4. That Officer Slager had made statements immediately after shooting Scott to his supervisor that would aid in his defense, in helping jurors to understand his state of mind at the time…. [Meanwhile, Judge Newman had previously permitted other officers to testify for the prosecution about what Slager had said at the time.]

Judge Clifton Newman disallowed the witnesses’ testimony, and thus killed Slager’s defense.

Legal roadblocks meet defense for ex-North Charleston officer on trial in Walter Scott shooting
By Andrew Knapp and Brenda Rindge,
Updated Nov 25, 2016
Post & Courier
Frustration among lawyers representing former North Charleston patrolman Michael Slager was apparent Tuesday as a judge barred testimony considered key to the defense in his murder trial.

A doctor was not allowed to explain how Walter Scott’s cocaine use might have thrust him into a “fight or flight” situation, a possible alternative reason for why Scott ran from a traffic stop and resisted arrest. Prosecutors have said Scott was simply scared of going to jail.

Defense attorneys also could not ask the officer’s former supervisor what Slager said that day about a struggle with Scott and his ensuing decision to open fire.

Lead attorney Andy Savage argued that other officers had already testified for the prosecution about Slager's accounts. At one point, he turned to prosecutors, exasperated over their reasons for blocking the supervisor’s testimony.

“Is it too much trouble to ask what the problem is?” he asked while jurors were not in the courtroom. “I don’t have ESP.”

Three of five defense witnesses who took the stand Tuesday were not permitted to give certain testimony. Only one expert, who talked about the yellow paint on Scott’s cellphone and Slager’s Taser, went unchallenged altogether.

Twelve defense witnesses in all, including Police Chief Eddie Driggers, have testified over four days, but objections and the resulting orders from Circuit Judge Clifton Newman have scuttled elements that the defense saw as crucial. Slager's family members often watched and nodded [unless Slager's family members want him to go to prison, that should be "shook"] their heads at the rulings. The trend is expected to continue as prosecutors plan challenges of future witnesses.

When Newman excluded Slager’s statements to a supervisor, Savage twice asked the judge to reconsider. Newman rejected the lawyers' arguments and, a few times, refused to listen altogether.

“It’s just not admissible according to the law … and my view,” Newman said. “The rules as well.”

Much of the disputed testimony has centered on Scott’s character and others' opinions of Slager's handling of the episode that led to Scott's death. Earlier this week, prosecutors successfully objected to a witness who planned to testify that Scott had been fired from a job over a positive cocaine test. The defense also wanted to delve into Scott’s failure to pay child support while earning a $50,000 salary at the job.

“All (the defense) wants to do is smear Mr. Scott’s character,” Chief Deputy Solicitor Bruce Durant said at one point.

Slager's attorneys have said that Scott's actions and the policeman’s own predicament on April 4, 2015, forced him to open fire in self-defense even as Scott ran away. But they have struggled to reconcile that case with court rules that limit certain evidence and the judge’s interpretation of the standards.

The stakes are high. If he’s convicted of murder, Slager faces between 30 years and life in prison. The prosecution, meanwhile, has pushed back against the defense’s approach in a case that comes amid nationwide criticism of police uses of force against black people.

Officer ‘in shock’?

Slager pulled over Scott's car for a broken brake light.

The stop seemed normal. And Sgt. Ronald Webb, Slager’s supervisor who wasn’t on duty that day, said he had never heard any complaints of racial profiling against the officer. Race has been rarely mentioned during the trial.

“He was a very good officer,” Webb told the jurors.

But Scott soon ran, and the policeman chased him. Slager said Scott grabbed his Taser in the struggle that followed and turned it against him.

Dr. Thomas Owens, a medical examiner from Charlotte hired by the defense, said minor wounds on Scott's hands, arms and head indicated he had been in a struggle. But prosecutors objected to Owens discussing “excited delirium” in which users of drugs like cocaine can be thrust into aggressive behavior.

The defense had envisioned the testimony, coupled with toxicology results showing cocaine in Scott's body, as “actual evidence” of a possible reason for his resistance, attorney Donald McCune said. The prosecution had already speculated that Scott ran because of a child support arrest warrant, McCune argued, but the judge wouldn't allow the defense theory, dubbing it speculation.

Still, jurors learned that cocaine users tend to have a higher threshold for pain and can experience “euphoric excitement."

When Slager and Scott got back to their feet during the encounter, Scott started running again, a video filmed by an eyewitness showed.

The Taser bounced along the ground. Slager fired eight times; five bullets hit Scott.

To further show what happened before the shooting, along with Slager's rationale for resorting to lethal force, his defense team enlisted testimony from experts and the officers who once worked with him.

Webb said he went to the scene, where Slager demonstrated how Scott was alleged to have grabbed the officer’s Taser. But prosecutors argued that such testimony would be “self-serving” for a defendant like Slager, who has not testified himself. The judge agreed, adding that prosecution testimony from other officers had been corroborated by multiple policemen. Webb had talked to Slager one on one.

Instead, the questioning shifted to after the shooting. Webb was asked to describe the lawman’s demeanor, to say whether Slager was in shock.

“It’s like talking to someone who is acting like they’re … acknowledging you, but they’re not paying attention,” Webb said. “More like they’re in deep thought.”

“The lights were on; nobody was home?” Savage asked, evoking laughter in the courtroom.

“There you go,” the witness said.

‘Department … not on trial’

The defense team has stressed that Scott’s death arose from Slager’s job and that North Charleston Police Department polices had played into the officer’s dilemma that day.

Slager had been encouraged to make daily stops, he had little immediate backup to help him, and he went through limited training that exposed him to stressful situations when deciding whether to use force.

The officer suffered from those practices, the defense has said.

Video: Trace evidence expert says paint collected from Taser and phone from road at shooting site

To make one point, Savage handed the police chief a sheet that broke down how much money North Charleston brought in through the tickets that Slager issued over his career. The attorney offered it as an indication that officers' statistics were being watched.

“I have never seen this before,” Driggers said of the document.

Slager also had been left “alone by himself in a high-crime neighborhood,” Savage said. Four of the seven officers on the team were absent that day. With his partner busy on another call, Slager was patrolling the troublesome Charleston Farms community.

The police adopted minimum staffing standards for patrol units months ago, but Driggers said Scott's shooting didn’t prompt the change.
But, the police chief said, “There’s always lessons learned."

The judge had allowed Driggers’ testimony about policies despite the prosecution's stance that they were irrelevant to the case.

“The defense has a right to put on a defense according to the defense’s theory,” Newman said. He also issued caution, saying, “The department is not on trial, but Mr. Slager is.

"The jury has to determine this case."

But one point that the defense sees as important was conveyed Tuesday: that Slager had followed the rules before the shooting.

To Driggers, Slager's 14 uses of a Taser over his career "seemed high," the chief said. But his use of it against Scott last year was in line with policy.

Slager often leaned on the stun gun to bring down suspects, former New York City police official and Pace University criminal justice professor Darrin Porcher added in expert testimony for the defense. But Porcher said that Slager's past uses of a Taser seemed sound and that the officer had been right to use it against Scott, a suspect who had not complied with any commands to stop and had not been subdued with any other techniques.

But Porcher was asked only once about the shooting itself, the reason Slager wound up in jail.

“Even after the first shot," Savage said, "was there any indication of compliance?"

"No, sir," the defense witness said.

Prosecutors chose not to follow up.

Reach Andrew Knapp at 843-937-5414 or

Defense lays out its case in Slager murder trial
• Updated Nov 22, 2016
• (1)

A paint analyst, a doctor with insight on cocaine use and Michael Slager's former supervisor testify Tuesday in his murder trial.
Key developments

• Trace forensic expert William Schneck of Spokane, Wash., said the yellow paint found on Walter Scott’s cellphone and Michael Slager’s Taser was likely from the yellow road where the shooting occurred. Both items were likely damaged at the same time.

• Dr. Thomas Owens, a medical examiner from Charlotte hired by the defense, testified that scrapes, bruises and cuts on Scott’s hands, arms and head were consistent with Scott having been in a struggle.

• Owens also addressed toxicology reports showing cocaine and the byproduct of cocaine and alcohol in Scott’s body. Cocaine’s presence indicates recent use, he said.

• A judge would not allow Owens’ testimony on “excited delirium” in which drug users can be thrust into aggressive “fight or flight” behavior. The defense sought to offer it as an alternative to the prosecution’s theory about why Scott ran.

• Sgt. Ronald Webb, the supervisor of Slager’s patrol squad, was more hesitant to answer defense questions than he had been in a pretrial hearing, often saying he “wasn’t working that day.” Webb eventually went to the scene and talked with Slager, but he wasn’t allowed to testify about what the officer said. Prosecutors successfully argued that it was hearsay. The judge added that there was not enough information to corroborate the trustworthiness of Webb’s testimony. Defense lawyer Andy Savage, meanwhile, said it should be allowed because similar testimony about officers’ accounts was permitted and, “This is a search for the truth.”

• North Charleston Police Chief Eddie Driggers testified that Slager was not known to have ever violated department policies before the shooting and appeared to have followed the rules during the confrontation with Scott before the gunfire. He said Slager’s 14 past Taser uses, though, “sounds high to me.”

• Pace University criminal justice professor Darrin Porcher, a retired police misconduct investigator in New York City, testified that Slager’s use of a Taser before the shooting was proper. “Officer Slager was by himself. He’s chasing one suspect, and there’s another person in the auto,” Porcher said of Slager’s situation. The witness was asked only one question about the shooting that followed. He agreed that Scott had not complied with any of Slager’s commands, even after the first shot.
More information
WATCH: North Charleston police officers testify in Michael Slager's defense
Watch the live stream of the murder trial of ex-North Charleston officer Michael Slager in the shooting death of Walter Scott and follow along with our live blog here.

WRTV6/The Indy Channel Paints Crime Victim as Murderer!


Roshun Johnson: Portrait of the Felon as a Young Man


By Nicholas Stix

Yesterday, there was sweet justice in Indianapolis, as black, 15-year-old armed robber, Roshun Johnson, used a computer app to lure a victim to a home in an apparently predominantly white neighborhood, and commenced to rob the man, who then turned the tables on the young thug, and shot him dead. And yet, at least three operatives at WRTV6/The Indy Channel are depicting the crime victim as a murderer, and the perp as a victim.

“Reporter” Liz Adeola and “digital producer” Victoria T. Davis @Victoria08Davis, both black, and a white female “reporter,” whose identity I have been unable to determine, all used language that reversed the roles of criminal perp and victim.

Liz Adeola, in her video, spoke of “the man admitting that he shot the teen” to police, emphasizing “admitting,” as if he were confessing to a crime.

Adeola also asserted “[police] said the man was lured here by a phone app.”

Phone apps don’t lure anyone. A person, presumably Roshun Johnson, lured the vic to the home, using the app.

[In what follows, all emphases by me.]

A second “reporter,” the white woman, asserted, “Police say it all started with a fight between Roshun and the eventual shooter.”

When did an armed robbery become “a fight”?

Adeola: “Police say it all started with a fight between Roshun and the eventual shooter. Who police say was lured here by a phone app. Roshun pulled out a gun, but the suspect shot first.”

“Shooter” and “suspect” are euphemisms for perp. But Roshun Johnson was the perp.

In Victoria T. Davis’ version, she wrote,
“Detectives said five to six teens were having a sleepover at the home when a person not associated with the group came up to the house and shot Johnson before leaving the scene.

[This makes it sound like the vic was an assassin!]

There was one adult in the home sleeping during the time of the incident, police said.

Detectives believe the suspect was lured to the home using a phone app. Police say Johnson pulled out a gun and threatened the suspect.
Once Johnson started to search the suspect, the suspect fired shots, according to police.

[“Search”: Johnson didn’t begin to “search the suspect,” he began to rob the victim! Police or security guards search a suspect.]

A motive for the shooting has not been discovered by police, but the other teens in the home were questioned.

[Of course, police discovered a motive for the shooting—self-defense!]

Johnson was one of three people shot and killed on Sunday.
Victoria T. Davis is treating Roshun Davis, as if he were a murder victim.

Davis used the word “suspect” no fewer than six times in a brief story, to describe the victim, and there were three other instances of its use on the same page, for other stories on the same incident.

The three female WRTV6/The Indy Channel operatives are trying to railroad a crime victim. And that they would do that, tells me that the vic is white. They wouldn’t knowingly do that to a black man.

Note that although the white female operative was also bad, she was nowhere near as bad as her black colleagues. She at least showed some white neighbors talking about the criminality that was routine at the house in question, which was clearly supported by the adults (parents?) that lived there. One middle-aged white man said that the teenagers would fire .22s in the backyard, and an elderly white lady said, “Something must go on, to have the police called every day.”

The WRTV6/The Indy Channel operatives had no interest in investigating the background of the dead perp, his connection to the home, his criminal associates, or the people who owned or rented the home.

Postscript, Saturday, December 3, 2016: A Website, Gun Memorial, falsely claims that Roshun Johnson was “lost to gun violence,” as opposed to having died committing gun violence.

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This Brief Video Shows Why Germany Desperately Needs Rapefugees!

The Legacy of Fidel Castro in One Photograph

Re-posted Nicholas Stix

Chicago: Blacks Celebrate Thanksgiving by Shooting 35 People: 4 Dead, 31 Wounded

By Reader-Researcher RC

Police: 4 killed, 31 wounded in Thanksgiving weekend shootings

At least 35 people have been shot, four fatally, in attacks across the city over Thanksgiving weekend, according to Chicago police.

More Murder, Mayhem, Mexicans and Misogyny: In San Antonio, “Man” is Arrested for Allegedly Murdering Walmart Good Samaritan

By A Texas Reader

Man arrested in connection with deadly Walmart shooting

The San Antonio Police Department has arrested Teles Mandan Juarez in connection with the deadly shooting that happened at a San Antonio Walmart on Friday.

Good Samaritan killed in deadly Walmart shooting identified

The man killed in a deadly Walmart shooting on Friday has been identified as 39-year-old Isidro Zarate, a father of four.

Chicago: Mass Shooting at House Party Leaves One Dead, Five Wounded

By Reader-Researcher RC

1 killed, 5 wounded in South Chicago shooting

Six people were shot, one fatally, after a holiday party turned violent in the South Chicago neighborhood Saturday morning, police said.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Statement by President-Elect Donald Trump on Green Party Candidate Jill Stein’s Calls for Recounts in Select States Won by Trump


The Greatest Recipe for Cooking Tofu that You’ll Ever See!

At my undergraduate alma mater, SUNY Stony Brook, my roommate of choice, best friend, business partner and romantic rival, Larry Schiller, was a vegetarian. (See? I am tolerant! I never harmed him.)

Larry, who was also such a Zionist that he answered the phone saying, “Shalom,” and resented my saying anything in Yiddish, or with a Yiddish accent (like “gesundehait”), thought that being a veg made him morally superior. My response? “Oh, like Hitler.”

(Most people, then and now, anti-Semitic, philo-Semitic, or otherwise, have always considered me a Zionist, due to my support for Israel’s right to survive and thrive. However, my impression was that über-Zionists like Larry considered Yiddish the language of losers. Now, if the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto had invented nukes, he might have felt differently.)

Larry’s dream was to produce tofu food that tasted just like chicken and beef. The problem is that, in order to make tofu that tastes like real food, you had to add toxic amounts of MSG.

My suggestion? Eat real food. That way, you don’t have to be like Hitler, and you drastically reduce your chances of stroking out.

Unless, that is, you want to be like Hitler.

Breaking News, in the Secretary of State Sweepstakes

Remember Kiss of Death? (Inspired Photoshopping Job!)


Thanks to @StairMaster47 (Twitter).

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Is the Alt-Right Dead? Is the Daily Stormer an ADL Front? Did CNN Lie About Richard Spencer and the Jews? A Ramzpaul Video

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

A tip ‘o the hate to Occidental Dissent.

Alt Right – RIP


Published on Nov 23, 2016

Donald Trump disavows the Alt Right after Roman salutes are featured at the NPI conference.


What is this “Roman salute” that Ramzpaul keeps referring to? Oh, the Hitler salute. In German, it is called “der Hitlergruß” (“the Hitler greeting”).

Some readers are bound to have noticed that I rarely write on the so-called Alt-Right.

That’s because it’s not a fruitful use of my time. For what should be obvious reasons, I do not identify with that appellation. Although I have relations that are anywhere from close to cordial to benign to some people who identify themselves as “Alt-Right,” and others who do not, but who are nevertheless very involved in the movement, as a Jew, there is no place for me in that rabidly anti-Semitic movement.

Note, too, that unlike virtually all members of that movement, I read, write, and speak fluent German.

They’ve never invited me to so much as attend, let alone speak at their conferences. Just as well.

I prefer the term coined by my colleague, John Derbyshire: “The Dissident Right.” The foregoing term encompasses various streams of thought and temperaments: Racial realism, white nationalism, neo-reactionaries, etc. Where one would situate white supremacists and neo-Nazis, I do not know.

Categorizing all of the foregoing movements is not reducible to empirical distinctions; the empirical and the normative are inextricably intertwined.

Note, however, that before the term was coined, I was quite influential in what would come to be known as the Alt-Right.

In either late 2005 or early 2006, Kevin Lamb of the National Policy Institute hired me to edit and co-author the report, The State of White America-2007. I wrote an outline for the report, which Kevin found acceptable without qualification.

Soon thereafter, Kevin left NPI, and NPI co-founder Louis R. Andrews took over the project.

Louis R. Andrews, may he rest in peace, was a brilliant man. Although my understanding is that he made his money off of real estate, his passion was the life of the mind. He read deeply of naturalistic social science, much of it of the Darwinist persuasion, which has been known variously as “sociobiology,” “human biodiversity,” and “evolutionary psychology.” He founded and ran Washington Summit Publishers, which has brought out some of the most important works in the social sciences and theoretical biology of the past 15 or so years (Richard Lynn’s Race Differences in Intelligence and The Global Bell Curve; Michael Hart’s Understanding History, etc.).

He also created a virtual library of brilliant articles on the same topics at the Websites PINC (“Politically Incorrect”) and Upstream.

Kevin Lamb, a leading intellectual, has for many years been the managing editor of the Social Contract, a brilliant journal devoted to immigration. (Kevin is as much at home writing on the politics of immigration as he is on IQ.) Before that, he was a librarian at Newsweek, and then managing editor? at Human Events, until he was purged, as part of a hate campaign led by the SPLC?

Economist Edwin S. Rubenstein wrote one chapter for SOWA-2007, a statistical portrait of America, and historian Robert M. Stove (The Unsleeping Eye) wrote a chapter on the changing world of labor.

I was originally to write the chapter on crime and race. However, being unable to secure a writer for the chapter on race and education, I wrote both chapters, and thus became the principal author of the report. Louis Andrews graciously added the title “program director,” which had been Kevin’s.

Louis did not interfere in the slightest with the report.

The report was held up for months by Louis’ titanic struggle with cancer, which had spread all over his body. The situation looked hopeless, and I, who had not seen one cent from the project, notwithstanding hundreds of hours of labor I’d put into it, was afraid I’d never get paid, and the project would never be published.

Well, things worked out splendidly. Louis went into remission, the report was published, and I got paid.

Louis posted a link to SOWA at NPI’s home page, where readers could order a free e-version of the report, or a hard copy for a modest price ($7? I can’t recall).

Meanwhile, every time Peter Brimelow published one of my articles at VDARE, Louis put up a handsome Web page at NPI, excerpting and linking to it.

SOWA-2007 was one of the two most important works ever commissioned and published by NPI. The other one was by my SOWA-2007/VDARE colleague, Ed Rubinstein: The Cost of Diversity.

I have a hard copy of Ed’s report somewhere here in my writing factory.

Both of NPI’s most important publications were authored solely or principally by Jews. Louis Andrews didn’t do that to triangulate, but because he wanted work by the best people.

The last time I saw Louis was at the conference Preserving Western Civilization in 2009. He was a tall, somewhat paunchy man in his 60s. However, a little extra weight looks good on a man who was recently fighting cancer, and with his ruddy cheeks and energetic appearance, Louis looked fit to wrestle bears.

Alas, it would not last. Soon enough, what John Wayne called the “Red Witch” returned. Louis R. Andrews died of cancer on December 29 or 30, 2011, depending on the source.

Louis’ corpse wasn’t cold, before some blackguard removed all links to SOWA-2007, The Cost of Diversity, and all NPI Web pages linking to my VDARE columns. (Eventually, someone restored the link to Affirmative Action and the Costs of Diversity. The date shown, September 12, 2005, is inaccurate, because it does not reflect the time during which the report was delinked.)
Fortunately, Louis had posted SOWA-2007 at SCRIBD, where it can still be read online.

Thanksgiving Weekend Multicultural Wrap-Up

By Nicholas Stix

At Countenance.

Rodney King, President George H.W. Bush, and the War on Cops


The near-fatal, racist attack on white truck-driver Reginald Denny at the intersection of Florence & Normandie

By Nicholas Stix
October 10, 2015

In my article about the crucifixion of Michael Slager, I said that this approach of railroading (mostly) white policemen, treating black felons like victims, and attempting to buy peace, goes back at least as far as the Rodney King case in 1991. Here’s the rest of that story.

Buff, 6’2,” 220-lb., convicted felon and parolee King was high out of his mind, and led police on a chase in which he hit speeds of 110-115 mph, in order to avoid going back to prison, and violently resisted arrest, assaulting four white policemen, whom he left no alternative but to brutally but legally beat him with metal batons, until he would submit to arrest.

Instead of being sent back to prison to finish his sentence for armed robbery, plus additional years for his new crimes, King was treated like a crime victim, and a martyr to white racism. Local TV station KTLA doctored an already abbreviated videotape made of the end of King’s confrontation with police, by cutting out the passage when King charged the police, thus provoking the baton-beating. The MSM referred to King as “black motorist Rodney King,” instead of as “convicted felon Rodney King.” Seemingly every TV station in America showed the doctored video thousands of times, causing a frenzy of hate against the policemen, who were prosecuted in state court. A civil court jury awarded him $5.5 million for his crimes.

[Postscript, November 25, 2016: I too was convinced by hundreds of viewings of the doctored video tape that the four white officers were guilty as hell.]

A white Simi Valley jury saw the undoctored tape, with King assaulting the police, heard testimony, and on April 29, 1992, acquitted the four officers.

Minutes later, the biggest riot in Los Angeles history broke out at the intersection of Florence and Normandie, as blacks burned the city down, causing $1 billion in property damage, 53 deaths, and countless maimings in racially motivated attacks on whites and Asians.

According to the official story, the L.A. riot was an “uprising,” a righteous response to the “injustice” of the four LAPD officers being acquitted. The first entry at for “Florence and Normandie” opens,
Florence and Normandie is the intersection where the 1992 Los Angeles uprising began–a chaotic response to the police beating of Rodney King. [Florence and Normandie, Metropolitan Images, last accessed October 9, 2015.]
officialAs Lou Cannon showed in his monumental work, Official Negligence: How Rodney King and the Riots Changed Los Angeles and the LAPD, the black rioters at Florence and Normandie were not responding to the jury verdict, about which they were completely unaware. They just decided to terrorize a Korean liquor store owner.

Police at the scene were confident that they could get the situation under control, but their terrified superiors ordered them to flee, which emboldened the ragtag gang of racist blacks to expand their riot. The little riot was shown on TV, which emboldened racist black thugs all over the city. Hispanic criminals then joined in.

The Los Angeles riot was thus a de-policing and media riot. Immediate, muscular policing would have kept black and Hispanic criminals in check.

President George H.W. Bush saw the riots on TV, decided that blacks’ racist, psychopathic rage had to be born out of righteous indignation, and ordered the Justice Department to bring him the heads of the four white officers in a civil rights show trial.

In 1993, federal jurors, convinced that if they did not sacrifice at least some white policemen, the “13th juror” (the street) would erupt again, convicted two policemen, while acquitting two.

That was the template for the continuing false charges against white police across America today.